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Election Procedures

Tom Schioler

fax: 1-204-356-8363

Chief Returning Officer 2018/19


The election for the Frontier Teachers Association Executive is fast approaching. Here are some of the constitutional procedures that govern the election process.

  • On or before January 31st, the Association Executive shall appoint a nominating Committee representing the Association. The duty of this committee shall be to prepare a slate of officers and electoral district representatives.
  • The slate of candidates selected by the Nomination Committee may be augmented through nomination(s) by any member of the Association or by any member who wishes to submit his/her name for election.
  • The Nominating Committee shall make certain that all members nominated are willing and able to act.
  • Nominations and biographical information shall be in the hands of the Nominating Committee chairperson no later than twelve noon, the Wednesday following spring break.
  • The Nominating Committee shall prepare a ballot with the names of all candidates for each of the offices of president designate, vice-president, secretary and treasurer and the names of all electoral candidates for the Executive.
  • The instructions accompanying the ballot shall instruct voters of the correct voting procedure.
  • Voting will be conducted no later than twelve noon on the first Wednesday in May.
  • Advance polls will be conducted three teaching days prior to voting day.
  • Counting of ballots shall be done by the Association Representative of each school. The count shall be forwarded by telephone, E-mail or Fax to the Chief Returning Officer. The ballots shall immediately be forwarded to the President Designate as chief returning officer to confirm the school count. Only those ballots received on the last mailing day prior to May 15th shall be considered in the final count.
  • In the case of a variance between phone-in/E-mail/Fax results and the final count, the final count shall prevail.
  • All candidates shall be apprised of the result of the preliminary count. Successful

candidates will be notified no later than June 1st or the first day of school following June 1st.

  • The Ballots shall not be destroyed until such times as the chairperson of Nominating Committee presents a written report to the Executive stating the results of the election.
  • The position of President shall be filled by the President-Designate of the previous year.
  • The President-Designate, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer shall be elected

and selected from the roster of members without regard to electoral district or school representation. The other executive candidates shall be elected only by the eligible voters in each of the electoral districts.

  • The position of past-president shall be filled by the immediate past-president or an

appointee of the executive, if the immediate past-president is unable to act in the

capacity of past-president. The Executive may choose to leave the office vacant.

  • The Executive so elected shall take office on July 1st.
  • When a vacancy occurs during the year, the executive shall appoint a replacement

as soon as possible.



FTA Constitution

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